I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the PositivityTech® intelligent platform, which combines human insights and advanced technology to uncover and enable strategic growth opportunities in financial institutions’ customer complaints.

The PositivityTech platform is the result of two years of prototyping and development, the analysis of approximately one million customer complaints, stakeholder research, a deep passion for customer listening, and a long-held belief in the untapped value of customer complaints. Please visit positivitytech.com to learn more.

I was inspired to create this platform because, throughout my career, I’ve found that customer complaint data is an under-leveraged asset. While all executives want to listen more closely to their customers, most are not yet uncovering and taking action on the systemic patterns that manifest in complaints.

With the PositivityTech platform, executives now have a way to:

  • see their competitive position on customer complaints,
  • foresee future complaints and their causes,
  • quickly and proactively address customer feedback,
  • protect their businesses, and
  • improve performance.

The PositivityTech platform flips the script on customer complaints by leveraging science and technology to transform negatives to positives. Created to meet the needs of growing businesses, the PositivityTech platform ensures high-performance, security, and scalability.

I am previewing the platform for a select group of financial services executives seeking
new sources of growth or additional ways to mitigate regulatory risk and secure their
brand’s reputation in the market. I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you about our discoveries and what our team has conceived, developed, and actualized.

Please let me know when you are available to speak.

Thank you for being an important part of my journey.