PositivityTech® FAQs

The PositivityTech platform is a cloud based intelligent platform that uses a combination of human insights and advanced technology to uncover risks and enable the strategic growth opportunities hidden in complaints. Our proven problem-solving methodology uses these four steps to support insight and drive action:

Identify:  Provide early warnings of complaints and illuminate pain points

Understand: Highlight keywords that provide deeper meaning into existing complaints

Predict:  Uncover triggers to identify complaints before they happen

Prevent: Adopt actions to eliminate future complaints

Built by a team with deep experience in using customer listening to identify and implement opportunities for financial institutions, our platform uses advanced technology to reveal unexpected opportunities, showing you which actions will proactively strengthen your business and keep you ahead of the competition.

As a customer centric organization, opportunities continuously arise to enhance your customer experience. Aligning regulatory requirements and customer needs reinvigorates organizations with a way to use customer complaints to power success.

Absolutely.  Combining your data with publicly available data allows you to take advantage of customized views of your customer complaints.  The more data about your customer you provide, the more comprehensive understanding you will have of your customer needs.

Yes. Customer data within the platform is managed by Acxiom, a recognized leader in data privacy and governance, with more than 45 years of policy experience in financial services and across many industries.  They are dedicated to being the industry leader in the security arena by setting standards higher than those required by law and those generally recognized as “best practices” in our industry.

The platform’s blend of business and advanced quantitative solutions integrates customer voice and analyzes disparate data to produce robust and reliable insights. Financial risks and opportunities guides your focus on key business areas requiring action.

Thanks to our descriptive and predictive text mining and machine learning scores and algorithms, our clients can foresee future complaints and their causes, quickly and proactively address customer feedback, protect their business, and improve performance.

The PositivityTech platform is not a replacement for a workflow system. The platform augments any workflow and reporting systems by using the same data to reveal hidden insights in your data.

We have applied our proven problem solving methodology to provide insights about your most pressing complaints for you, the marketplace, and the industry at large. The PositivityTech intelligent platform transforms the CFPB data to identify root causes of customer complaints creating a pathway to management actions requiring investigation and financial opportunities available upon resolution.

Yes. The PositivityTech platform text mining scores targets those issues which frustrate your customer, so that you can focus and prioritize your actions.  Our proprietary Severity Score helps you prioritize by quantifying which complaints are most severe.

To garner the full power of the PositivityTech platform, we recommend subscribing to the entire platform.  However, we do make certain scores and engineered keyword variables available as separate data products.