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Taking a Stand Against Bias

June 5, 2020|

Systemic discrimination is part of U.S. history, and we continue to be plagued by it. These biases drive income disparities and limit wealth creation. Today, individuals are speaking out about their experiences with racism and discrimination, and they are asking organizations to make systemic changes that combat bias. The call to act is loud and clear. Now is the time to root out bias, empower people through their voices, and transform negatives into positives.

Recently, we announced the PositivityTech intelligent platform’s Bias Index: an AI predictive model that identifies prejudice within […]

Announcing The Bias Index: Identifying Discrimination In Your Institution

May 15, 2020|

In banking, bias reveals itself in subtle ways. Customers may experience an obstacle and find that discrimination is at the root of their challenge. They may face discrimination due to their race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, military service, or citizenship.

I am proud to present the PositivityTech intelligent platform’s proprietary Bias Index, a new tool that identifies prejudice within customer and employee complaints and makes it possible to respond to systemic discrimination.

Why did you decide to develop the Bias Index?

Each one of […]

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