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How To Prevent Involuntary Account Closures

August 25, 2021|

“I know we have issues. I just don’t know where to find them.” This is what an executive at a large bank recently told me. Bank executives know they have opportunities to improve the customer experience, better manage their risk, and create new revenue streams. Yet, they don’t always know where to begin.

Artists call this opportunity, white space.

In order to begin filling your white space, you need a framework that considers the internal and external forces that you are experiencing. One of your most undervalued forces is your customer feedback. […]

Inside 6 Billion High-Risk Customer Conversations

July 19, 2021|

When we consider large-scale data sources in financial institutions, we may think about credit reports, transaction data, and customer behavior data. Similarly, what value do we apply to customer conversation data? Is your institution approaching your customer conversation data as a large-scale data source with golden nuggets of valuable insights waiting to be uncovered? With the PositivityTech intelligent platform, you can do just that and turn negatives into positives.

In the United States alone, call centers across industries receive approximately 50 billion calls each year. Many of these calls, driven by frustration, present major […]