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Act Upon Early Indicators Before It’s Too Late

July 21, 2022|

Why don’t we act upon early indicators of change? Why do we discount “small volume as noise” when the rate of growth is undeniably significant? And why are we surprised when this rate of growth turns into a scalable problem a year or two later?

Early warning signals extracted from what our customers tell us make it possible for us to identify, understand, predict, and prevent growing customer issues.

When early warning signals could have made a difference

Just last week, federal regulators fined Bank […]

Using Data To Push Back

June 10, 2022|

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” —Bill Gates

Financial institutions are pushing back against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent enforcement actions. With data based on their customers’ own narratives, financial institutions can use the PositivityTech® Intelligent Platform to learn where they have room to improve, push back on claims they don’t agree with, and demonstrate their proactive leadership and successes. Read on to see how institutions can do just that with hot issues currently under scrutiny: fraud and money transfers, expanded regulation of nonbanks, and […]