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Does Income Level Impact Customer Experience?

May 26, 2021|

Does a customer’s income influence their level of frustration when they complain to the CFPB? Does a customer’s income influence their perceived discrimination when they complain to the CFPB?

To begin evaluating the role that social economics play in customer complaints to the CFPB, PositivityTech ingested Census Bureau income data and integrated it with CFPB complaints from the last year, ultimately identifying these insights:

  1. Complaints escalated to the CFPB are concentrated in mid-income ranges.
  2. Customers’ perceived bias, as identified by PositivityTech’s Bias Index, is consistent across income ranges and reveals […]

Three Problems That Need To Be Fixed: COVID’s Financial Impact

March 30, 2021|

In the year since COVID-19 lockdowns began in the U.S., customer complaints reveal the ongoing impact of the pandemic and its economic fallout on customers. With the PositivityTech® Intelligent Platform, customer complaint data captures this reality and presents critical opportunities for banks and credit bureaus to repair practices.

Problem 1: Health impacts finances

As early as April 2020, customer complaints, like the one below, began to reveal the impact of their health stress on their financial stress. This impact continued to grow, with complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection […]