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Answering The Need For Better Complaint Categorization

August 6, 2020|

We’ve all experienced this: we call our bank with an issue that needs to be addressed, and we’re transferred from one department to the next. With each transfer, we become more frustrated. We may lose trust in our banks, complain to regulatory bodies, and close our accounts. With the PositivityTech proprietary Categorization solution, we make it possible for banks to recognize and solve customers’ issues.

The issue is never the issue

In our conversations with financial institution executives, they, too, share their frustration about categorizing customer complaints […]

Three Months Later: The Growing Impact Of COVID-19 On Banks And Customers

July 6, 2020|

The emergence of the coronavirus health crisis has negatively impacted financial institutions’ ability to help their customers. Consumers are beginning to complain loudly and are not afraid to publicly air their complaints.

Using the PositivityTech intelligent platform, we explored Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaints submitted since March 10th and found that approximately 7% of complaints are COVID-19 related. While small in number, the issues featured in their complaints are distinct from non-COVID-19 related complaints, and will continue to grow.

The CFPB’s COVID-19-related complaints are gaining attention because […]

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