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The scary, spooky truth about fraud and scams

October 31, 2022|

Who is liable when a consumer authorizes a payment and then realizes they were scammed? 

This continues to be a major industry-wide question. While interested parties seek data to support their position, that data is not easily accessible — and so, the answer remains unclear. 

One fact is clear: Fraud and […]

Act Upon Early Indicators Before It’s Too Late

July 21, 2022|

Why don’t we act upon early indicators of change? Why do we discount “small volume as noise” when the rate of growth is undeniably significant? And why are we surprised when this rate of growth turns into a scalable problem a year or two later?

Early warning signals extracted from what our customers tell us […]

Breaking Up with Customers is Hard to Do

May 4, 2022|

Under what circumstances would you “break up” with a customer — and what would that cost you? According to a recent Gartner report, “By 2025, 75% of companies will ‘break up’ with poor-fit customers as the cost of retaining them eclipses good-fit customer acquisition costs.”

These future break ups are problematic for […]