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Why Complaints About Credit Scores Are So Complex

August 9, 2019|

My son recently applied to rent an apartment, and when I became a guarantor on his lease, the landlord needed to run a credit check. Utilizing my banks’ tools, I saw that my credit scores were within two points of each other. Then, I received my score from the rental property agency — and I was surprised to find that […]

Uncovering Value in Customer Complaints About Overdraft Fees

July 24, 2019|

A friend’s daughter was recently purchasing groceries when her debit card was declined. Embarrassed, she stepped out of the line to check her bank balance on her phone. As it turned out, she had an overdraft of $200 — and a $35 overdraft fee on top of that. In a linked savings account, she had more than enough […]

Behind the Scenes of the PositivityTech® Intelligent Platform with Marcia Tal

June 14, 2019|

Throughout my career, I’ve felt privileged to help multiple lines of business profit from the hidden value in their data. While companies approach many types of data as strategic assets, they consistently overlook customer complaint data. Together with my team, I am leveraging my deep experience with customer listening and shedding light on the hidden value of customer complaints.

This week, […]

Announcing the PositivityTech® Intelligent Platform

June 11, 2019|

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the PositivityTech® intelligent platform, which combines human insights and advanced technology to uncover and enable strategic growth opportunities in financial institutions’ customer complaints.

The PositivityTech platform is the result of two years of prototyping and development, the analysis of approximately one million customer complaints, stakeholder research, a deep passion for customer listening, and a […]