Anyone who has ever experienced conflict knows it’s never about just one thing. It’s often the result of months of feeling unheard. And then when we finally unload all of our grievances at once, we hope the other side is listening.

Customers submitting a complaint to the CFPB experience something similar. So, while they have the option of choosing one drop-down issue that’s most relevant to their problem, their complaint isn’t just about one topic. We know that every customer complaint actually includes eight topics on average.

Your customer’s voice is your most valuable asset — and its data holds hidden opportunities. With the PositivityTech® platform, organizations uncover risks and activate insights based on the actual narratives of their customer complaints. Unlike predefined drop-downs, customer complaint narratives present a more complete picture of your customers’ issues.

PositivityTech’s Benchmark Report highlights actionable insights

Using our platform, powered by AI and domain expertise, the PositivityTech Benchmark Report gives companies an inside look at more than 5 million industry-wide customer complaints to see how their customers’ complaints compare to peers’ and competitors’.

With our categorization capabilities, PositivityTech reveals the full breadth of their customer complaints — and accurately presents their risks.

For example, take a look at a recent analysis of customer complaints to the CFPB about fintech companies.

  • According to the issues that customers select in the CFPB drop-down, “Closing an account” made up 6% of customer complaints.
  • When customer narratives are used as the source of data, account closure topics made up 21% of complaints — 3.5 times what the drop-down only reveals.
  • Using AI integrated with domain expertise applied to the language in the narrative, customers reveal how big of a pain point account closure truly is. 

While business-driven drop-down issues lead to inefficient and incomplete conclusions, PositivityTech captures the full scope of customer complaints.

Plus, PositivityTech turns these findings into actionable analytics that financial institutions can use to improve and resolve growing risks. Here’s how:

Problem: The drop-down options in digital complaint platforms offer selections using business-driven categories, preventing efficient and frictionless investigations.

Problem: The drop-down options in digital complaint platforms offer selections using business-driven categories, preventing efficient and frictionless investigations.

Step 1: Gather the customer complaint data (voice, written, text, etc).

Step 2: Apply machine learning and AI to unearth root issues.

Step 3: Integrate domain expertise to develop business rules.

Step 4: “Fit” drop-down with AI-powered business rules.

Step 5: Implement patterns of rule segmentations in your categorization dropdown.

Result: Institutions get to know the full breadth of their customer issues, and can accurately and effectively get ahead of risks.

Uncover growing risks with the PositivityTech Benchmark Report

The PositivityTech Benchmark Report highlights both organization- and industry-wide risks based on customer complaints and makes it possible for organizations to put their actionable analytics to use. 

Transform negatives into positives with PositivityTech — and ensure complaints become a critical part of your success. Reveal unexpected opportunities and get ahead of your growing risks.

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